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Our experienced team of professionals utilizes cutting-edge technologies and follows strict quality control protocols to ensure the accuracy and reliability of every report.

A.S Trial Balancer

AI-assisted benefit-risk prediction - What if one could diferenciate the most promising drugs from the others, before reaching clinical trials? In 2023, it was made possible and had a critical impact multiple-sclerosis patients.

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A.S Safety Shield

Safety Monitoring Report- Safety issues can go unnoticed buried in a sea of data, jeopardizing patient safety. What if you can monitor everything?

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A.S Trial Designer

AI-assisted endpoint discovery- Feeling overwhelmed by the "COA Maze"? Clinical endpoints or Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) are essential for any clinical trial, but choosing the wrong one can derail an entire project.

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A.S KOL Finder

AI-assisted KOL identification - Recruitments are not enough targeted, resulting in severely delayed clinical trials. What if AI had proven its efficiency at bringing the most critical trials at the doorstep of these patients?

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A.S Therapeutic Horizon

1 location, 1 search engine, all your data for a simplified and improved literature review

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A.S Trial Scanner

Integrate any data into your eCRF and discover instantly how to handle your real-world studies

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