A.S Safety Shield

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Reduce Manual Workload by 80% in Pharmacovigilance: Focus on Critical Safety Signals with AI

AS SafetyShield™ - Your Intelligent Assistant for PV Pre-reading. It helps you decide what to read.

Information overload threatens patient safety

PV specialists are the backbone of patient safety, yet they face significant challenges:

  • Information Overload: They're constantly bombarded with research, reports, and ever-changing regulations. This creates an avalanche of data that's difficult to manage.
  • Manual Review Bottleneck: Manually sifting through this information is painfully slow, delaying the identification of critical safety signals. This delay can have a direct impact on patient safety.
  • Incomplete Oversight vs. Efficiency: Many workflow streamlining solutions prioritize speed, often sacrificing complete oversight. This creates a dangerous blind spot, potentially missing crucial safety information.

Discover exclusives insights

Reduced time spent searching:

Pre-selected articles eliminate the need for extensive manual searching of medical literature databases.

AI-powered Summarization: Get to know a unique pre-reading PV AI building concise summaries of relevant publications with extracts, highlighting key safety and efficacy insights.

Prioritize Signals

Quickly identify potentially safety-critical issues and maintain complete control over decision-making.

Safety Shield provides in-depth insights into relevant articles through 3 progressive information levels:

  • Basic Details: Title, author, affiliation, and publication date.
  • Drug-Focused Summary: A concise overview highlighting key points related to your specific drug.
  • Extracts for Analysis: Excerpts from the document categorized by Drug, Patient, Safety, and Efficacy for a deeper understanding.

Unify your PV pre-reading method

Streamline your PV workflow with AI-powered document review

SafetyShield can process both public literature and your private data to harmonize and aggregate all potential PV case sources, applying the same methodology throughout.

Before and after Safety Shield

80% of time consuming

dedicated to manual reviews. This tedious process not only eats away at valuable research hours but also introduces the risk of human error.

Safety signals missed

Critical safety issues buried in a sea of data can go unnoticed, jeopardizing patient safety.

Delayed responses

Inefficient workflows can create a domino effect, ultimately leading to safety regulatory non-compliance

Automated analysis

Frees Up Valuable Time for Specialists: A 70% Reduction in Tedious Tasks. By automating routine pharmacovigilance activities.

Prioritized safety investigation

Safety Shield allows PV specialists to take immediate action for each safety case.

Faster decision-making

While efficiency is often associated with productivity, in PV, it plays a crucial role in safeguarding patient well-being.

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