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Enhance your targeted recruitment strategies

A.S Trial Designer TM delivers readily accessible, accurate, and secured recruitment sites data and exclusive analytics directly linked to your specific trial's pathology and targeted patient population.

Takeda, 2024

Recruitments are not enough targeted, resulting in severely delayed clinical trials

  • Time is Money: in clinical trials, every delay is costly. More acurate faisability studies lead to a quick and efficient recruitment process.
  • Stop Wasting Resources: stop spending countless hours searching for suitable recruitment sites, sending out hundreds of emails that get ignored, and onboarding partners struggling to fulfill their recruitment quotas.

Discover exclusives insights

Effortless access to all relevant data

Stay ahead of the curve with automatic updates

ArcaScience continuously monitors clinical trial publication, delivering the most up-to-date and accurate information directly to you

Boost enrollment rates

Connect with proven partners with a strong track record of successful patient recruitment

Based on pathology and patient targeted, A.S Trial Designer generate exclusive analytics for each affiliation, Key Opinion Leader or recruitement site : for instance the number of clinical trial running to enrich your faisability studies

Unlock global reach

Ensure optimal geographical coverage with country-specific analysis

Actionable contact information: access to verified contact details enables you to directly connect with relevant individuals involved in ongoing trials in the targeted countries

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80% of time consuming

dedicated to manual reviews. This tedious process not only eats away at valuable research hours but also introduces the risk of human error.

Recruitment opportunities missed

A narrow focus on several KOLs can delay the clinical trial and lead to the exclusion of diverse patient populations.

Onboarding failure rate

Delays caused by onboarding failures translate to additional costs for staff, facilities, and resources.

Automated analysis

With a staggering 90% reduction in time spent on affiliate searching, we empowers researchers to reclaim a significant portion of their workday.

Prioritized recruitment sites

This valuable knowledge empowers your team to craft targeted recruitment campaigns with a higher chance of success.

Onboarding success rate

By efficiently identifying and recruiting qualified participants, clinical trials can progress more quickly.

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