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Access detailed information for patient recruitment, target validation, or benefit-risk analysis for clinical trials. Utilize AI-driven search capabilities to explore data points, key opinion leader insights, and success simulations.

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Safety Monitoring Study

Purchase here your first SafetyShield Monitoring bundle and select your drug to get : 1 dashboarded study & 1 CSV with every safety datapoint showcasing mentions of your drug, adverse events, patient profiles involved, efficacy markers related, over the last month. The screened databases relies on publicly available databases such as PubMed, Medline & ClinicalTrials.gov.

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Endpoint study

A simple study streamlining the best endpoints (COA) selection for your trial, with advanced literature screening, patient insights, and robust data analysis. Enjoy exclusive endpoints and efficient search tools for reliable, scalable, and effective trials with limited amendments to the protocols.

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KOL study

Boost clinical trial recruitment with A.S TrialDesigner’s Key Opinion Leader Study ! Utilize AI-driven insights to identify top recruitment sites and influential leaders. The study streamlines patient onboarding, cuts manual review time by 90%, and offers up-to-date data for targeted strategies, ensuring faster and more efficient patient enrollments.