Our Models

Highly advanced Language Models applied to biopharma

Arca IDF

Arca IDF

Harmonizing biomedical data with AI

Scientific articles
Medical reports
Internal data
Clinical trials
Secondary data

Arca TS

Your model for Translational Science purposes, from state of the art analysis to efficacy prediction

Arca Patient Profile

Patient data has never been more accessible : pick your metric and gather informations at a glance

Arca Efficacy

A new way to evaluate efficacy on a large scale : from the most confident to the most recent assumptions

Arca PV

AI model finding adverse events for reports, surveillance & signal detection

AS Explore

Our search engine gathering the intelligence of all of our language models

ArcaScience Language models unfolded

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1- Harmonization ██
Biomedical resources are unlocked
2- Language Model building ██
Specialized language models are trained
3- Dataset Generation ██
User queries ou AIs and instantly generates datasets
4- Refinement ██
Find every benefit-risk criteria that went unnoticed
5- Amplification ██
Refined data leads to :
- Improving our models
- Generate Synthetic data
6- Exponential findings ██
New qualified data are re-integrated, leading to more and more discoveries

80% of biomedical resources
are not reachable

ArcaScience models unlocked it all - articles, clinical data, patients data RWE and much more

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